The Harley-Davidson Bronx has 'mysteriously' disappeared from the firm's 'Future Vehicles' mini-site raising speculation it has been axed already It’s no secret Harley-Davidson is in the midst of a major overhaul following a complete management restructure, which in turn has borne a change in mindset of future models, and it seems the first victim could be its forthcoming streetfighter, the Bronx.



The compact sporty number was unveiled in the metal at the 2019 EICMA show alongside the Pan America, both of which make use of a brand-new 60-deegree V-Twin with a 975cc version appearing in the Bronx and al larger 1250cc for the ADV.

Since then, both models have featured on the ‘Future Vehicles’ page on the Harley-Davidson website… until now. A bit of super sleuthing from Motorcycle.com has pointed to the fact only the Pan America, the High-Performance Custom and Electric Bikes now take pride of place.

So what of the Bronx? We’ve reached out for an official comment from Harley-Davidson, but it’s feasible to presume it is the victim of the firm’s dubbed ‘Hardwire’ reconfiguration strategy, launched by new CEO Jochen Zeitz.

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