MotoGP ticket row: full refund for cancelled GP tickets booked online not possible

After months of delay, people who bought tickets for now cancelled MotoGP races are receiving refunds – but it’s not for the full amount and it has left a bitter taste.

Ross Crymble and Gavin Frain paid hundreds of pounds for tickets for the Mugello event. Initially the round was postponed, leaving them in limbo.

The organisers eventually cancelled the race on June 10, but it took until the end of July for many people to get their money back or be offered an alternative ticket. 

Those who bought GP tickets direct from the circuit received full refunds at the end of June. But those who bought from, the sport’s official website run by Dorna, have been offered replacement tickets to other events of equivalent value within the next 12 months, or a 95% refund. Additionally, ticket holders have been given only two weeks to decide or else forfeit their option for a refund.


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